Services and Fees - Children

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Fixed fee speech and language assessment: £350

Our fixed fee assessment is suitable for children experiencing difficulty with their speech and/or language development. It will take place in your home if within a reasonable distance to Brighton, London and the South East, or in our office premises in Hoxton. The assessment fee includes a detailed report indicating any likely diagnoses, along with outlining areas of need. The assessment will take around 3 hours. The report will also make recommendations for further support if indicated. For more detailed information on what the assessment will include, click here.


1:1 therapy (1 hour per session): £60 per session 

Block of 10 x 1:1 therapy sessions (10 x 1 hour): £540

Development of therapy plan (10 sessions) and 1 hour training session in delivery: £200

Review of therapy plan (includes an adjusted therapy plan for 10 further sessions): £120

Our therapy sessions are typically delivered via Skype. If very local to Brighton, these may be delivered in your home. We are also able to devise a therapy plan and provide training e.g. to a parent, in how to deliver the therapy. This is similar to the model employed by schools, where often the speech and language therapist will assess and create a therapy plan, and then train a teaching assistant to deliver the therapy. A therapy plan is devised based on the needs identified in our speech and language assessment.

School Services

School Package: £380 per day or £330 per day if booking 5 sessions per term.

We deliver services to primary and secondary schools. These can be private or state funded settings. Please contact us to further discuss how the service will be organised to best suit your setting . Some examples of how time may be spent are provided below:

  • Conducting standardised assessments
  • Observations
  • Parent meetings
  • Report writing (e.g. in support of EHC Plan applications)
  • Devising therapy plans and modelling delivery of these (e.g. to a TA)
  • Providing 1:1 or small group therapy
  • Devising or delivering staff training

Fixed Fee Speech and Language Assessment: £350

This is a clinical assessment mainly using restricted tests only available to users with high level qualifications. This will  assess your child's speech OR their language; these are seperate domains and the area requiring assessment will be discussed prior to the appointment. For further information on the difference between speech and language, click here

The fixed fee assessment provides an affordable assessment for parents who are concerned about possible underachievement, or are concerned that specific learning difficulties such as Specific Language Impairment may be affecting academic performance. The assessment caThis is a thorough assessment, but does not include a school visit with observations. This assessment is not suitable for complex legal or tribunal cases or education health and care plan.

Language Assessment will include detailed assessment of both receptive and expressive language. The following gives an indication of some measures that may be used duing the assessment :

  • Initial discussion and taking of background information
  • Taking of developmental history
  • Asessment of ability to understand relevant concepts and follow directions
  • Assessment of word classes and vocabulary knowledge
  • Assessment of sentence structure
  • Assessment of word structure
  • Ability to recall and formulate sentences will be assessed

Speech assessment will assess both articulation and phonological processes. We would also use a speech assessment to identify children with dysarthria or apraxia-of-speech. It will also look at a child's ability to process the sounds that they are hearing and includes an oral motor screen. The following gives an indication of some measures that may be used duing the assessment :

  • Initial discussion and taking of background information
  • Taking of developmental history
  • An articulation assessment for evaluating consonants and vowels in words, 
  • Assessment of the stimulability of error phonemes both in isolation and in syllable contexts
  • Assessment of phonology for determining error patterns and similarities in phoneme production across single words and connected speech contexts
  • Assessment of word inconsistency for examining the variability of a child’s phonological error patterns
  • An Oral Motor Screen for identifying oral motor difficulties that may require further in-depth assessment
  • An analysis of syllable structures and how these may impact on phoneme production